CardiAid Pro/Pro+


Το CardiAid εισάγει δύο νέους διφασικούς απινιδωτές για υπηρεσίες έκτακτης ανάγκης και νοσοκομεία, το CardiAid Pro & το CardiAid Pro+.

CardiAid Pro

O CardiAid Pro πραγματοποιεί χρονικά περιορισμένη διφασική ηλεκτρική απινίδωση.

CardiAid Pro+

Πρόσθετα χαρακτηριστικά:
Λειτουργία AED με φωνητικά υποβοηθήματα.
Εσωτερική απινίδωση
Βηματοδότηση NiBP SPO2

  • Διφασικό σχήμα κύματος με ρεύμα
  • 1J με 300J σε 19 βήματα
  • Περισσότερα από 100 ηλεκτροσόκ σε 300 τζάουλ από ένα νέο τύπο πλήρως
    φορτισμένης μπαταρίας
  • Φόρτιση στα 300J μέσα σε 8 δευτερόλεπτα ή στα 200J σε 5 δευτερόλεπτα από ηλεκτρικό δίκτυο ή μπαταρία
  • Γρήγορη επιλογή ενέργειας μέσω περιστρεφόμενου διακόπτη
  • Κατάλληλο για εφαρμογές σε ενηλίκους και παιδιά
  • 6.5’’ χρώμα LED Οθονη
  • 3L/5L υποστήριξη ηλεκτροκαρδιογραφήματος
  • 48 mm θερμική εκτύπωση γραμμής

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Defi brillator – Manual Defi brillation

Waveform: Current controlled, ti me limited biphasic. Waveform parameters
compensated for pati ent impedance.
Output Energy: 1J-10J, 20J, 30J, 50J, 70J, 100J, 150J, 200J, 250J, 300J
(19 steps). Limited to 50J for paediatric mode.
Charge Control: Charge and shock controls on base unit as well as paddles.
Pati ent Impedance Range: 25Ω to 400Ω
Type: CF

Defi brillator – AED (Pro+ Only)

Output Energy: 150J for adult, 50J for paediatric (factory default) nominal
into a 50Ω test load through disposable pads.
AED Control: On/Off , Pause analysis, Analyse, Shock
Prompts: Text and voice prompts
ECG Analysis: Evaluates pati ent ECG and signal quality for identi fying
shockable rhythms, proper contact and moti on artefact.
Shockable rhythm identificati on for ventricular fi brillati on and ventricular tachycardia with sensiti vity bett er than 90% and specifi city for nonshockable rhythms better than 95%.

Defi brillator – Charging time

• Λιγότερο από 8 δευτερόλεπτα σε 300 Joules με μία νέα, πλήρως
φορτισμένη μπαταρία στους 25°C.
• Λιγότερο από 8 δευτερόλεπτα σε 300 Joules με εναλλασσόμενο ρεύμα στα
90%-110% τάση δικτύου
• Λιγότερο από 5 δευτερόλεπτα σε 200 Joules με μία νέα, πλήρως
φορτισμένη μπαταρία στους 25°C.

Defi brillator – Controls & Indicators

Controls: Energy selector knob, SYNC enable/disable key, CHARGE key,
SHOCK key, DISARM key, MODE selecti on key, Adult/Paediatric mode
selecti on key, context sensiti ve Soft keys, Print ECG key, Print Summary key,
Alarm Acknowledge Key.
Indicators: LCD display for indicati ng energy, ECG, heart rate, batt ery status,
clock and other text prompts, audio alerts for charging status, QRS beep,
context sensiti ve back-lit keys for displaying status / availability of SYNC,
Charge Control: CHAR utt on on base unit or butt ons on external paddles.
Synchroniser: When enabled the SYNC key is back-lit with green colour and
‘SYNC’ message displayed on screen.

Pacing (Pro+ Only)

Type: External transcutaneous pacing.
Mode: Demand / Fixed.
Pulse Characteristics:

  • Pulse form: Monopolar / Pulse durati on: 20mS
  • Current range: 0mA-200mA /


Lead Configurations: Paddle, 3L, 5L (opti onal2)
Leads: Paddle, I, II, III
V, aVR, aVL, aVF (only with 5L cable)
Display: Single channel.
Gain: 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV (default), 20mm/mV
Display Trace Speed: 12.5mm/S, 25mm/S (default), 50mm/S
Lead Fault: Lead off message displayed on screen.
ECG Cable Fault: Cable fault message displayed on screen.
Paddle Fault: Pad poor contact message displayed on screen.
Hear Rate Display: 30 – 250 bpm with an accuracy of ±10% or ±5
bpm which ever is greater.
Heart Rate Alarm: Confi gurable lower and upper limits.
Frequency Response: 1Hz- 40Hz.
ESU Protection: Suitable for use in presence of ESU. Burn hazard
protection by means of 1K current limiti ng resistors on ECG cable.
Type: CF

NiBP (Pro+ Only)

Method Of Measurement: Oscillometric
Blood Pressure Range:

  • Adult: Systolic: 50mmHg to 250mmHg
  • Diastolic: 30mmHg to 195mmHg
  • Paediatric: Systolic: 40mmHg to 150mmHg
  • Diastolic: 20mmHg to 100mmHg
  • Heart Rate Range: 40bpm to 250bpm

Initial Inflation Pressure:

  • Adult: 160mmHg (default). Variable from 120 – 280mmHg
  • Paediatric: 120mmHg (default). Variable from 80-190mmhG

After the first BP reading has been performed, the next initial
inflation pressure will be at 30mmHg above the mean of previous
three Systolic reading or lower limit of initi al infl ati on pressure which
ever greater.

Accuracy: ±5mmHg mean deviati on with standard deviati on less
than 8mmHg, as per AAMI SP10 guidelines. HR: ±3BPM or 5%,
which ever is greater.

Patient Safety:
• Maximum cuff infl ati on ti me is limited to 50 seconds in all modes.
• Durati on of blood pressure reading is limited to:
• 130 seconds in adult mode
• 90 seconds in paediatric mode.
• Measurement abort if:
• Cuff pressure exceeds 300mmHg in adult mode or
150mmHg in paediatric mode.
• Cuff stays infl ated above 10mmHg for longer

SpO2 (Pro+ Only)

Range: Pulse rate : 20 – 250BPM
Saturati on : 1 – 100%
Accuracy: Pulse rate:
20 – 220BPM : ±3BPM
220 – 250BPM : ±5BPM
100 – 70% : ±2 digits
69 – 50% : ±5 digits
49 – 1% : unspecifi ed
Patient Isolation: Type CF


Dimensions (acti ve): 6.5” (132mm x 99mm)
Type: TFT Colour LCD with LED Backlight
Resoluti on: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)


Type: 12V, 5Ah, Rechargable, SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)
Dimensions: 90 x 70 x 107 mm
Weight: 1.8 Kg
Charging Time: Approximately 4Hrs to 80%
Shock Cycles: Approximately 100 full energy (300 Joule) shocks
from a new fully charged battery


Printing Method: Direct thermal line printi ng
Print Width: 48mm
Paper Width: 50mm
Printi ng Speed: 25mm/S
Paper Usage: Approximately 41 Shock Reports from a new roll


Mode Of Operati on: Conti nuous
AC Power Input: 100Vac to 240Vac, 50Hz – 60Hz
Dimensions: 33.5cm (H), 37.6cm (W), 22.7cm (D)
Weight: 7.5Kg (including external paddle with cable and batt ery)


Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Humidity: 95% RH non-condensing (max)
Operati ng Alti tude: Up to 4500m
Transportati on: Up to 4500m
Ingress Protecti on: IPX1



Ας συζητήσουμε πώς οι απινιδωτές της CardiAid θα έρθουν και στον δικό σας χώρο